Fall in love with fashion.
Fall in love with yourself.
You don’t need big budgets and skinny bodies to do this.
This blog is about unconditional love…
… for yourself!



People walk into our store and ask if this is Madonna’s store referring to the famous singer and material girl. My answer is always the same, “It’s our store and I had the name before her!”
They all laugh and then want to know what the “Co” is. Well it’s my niece, and I think she’s beautiful on the inside as well as out. She is a young working woman who really has style. She is wearing one of her favorite finds here and it blew out of the store in just a few days.

Together we share a love for fashion and beauty, and despite our differences in age have a deep and profound love for curls & and red lips. We’ve developed our own formula for the perfect red lip & the perfect curls as well. So come visit us and we will give you a complimentary lipgloss!

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