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This is what all the curly hair gals tell us over and over again…here’s why.

1. Each product has the best ingredients:

Love Moisture Shampoo: This shampoo replenishes the moisture in your hair’s dryest areas providing optimal curl. It contains our advanced hydration system with Comfrey Root extract which has  healing properties and is filled with minerals, vitamin A, B-12, and antioxidants. It is superb at preventing dryness. 

Our ROCKN CURL defining conditioner is packed with key ingredients including Grapefruit extract, Avocado oil & Sage. Most importantly, ALL our products are Sulfate & Paraben free.

2. We keep it light.

Our Miracle Hair Gels:  Luxe Hydra-Hold and Frizz No More are formulated with 11 Botanical extracts e.g. Lemongrass, Sage.  Luxe Hydra Hold is infused with Marula oil (Marula oil’s high level of both vitamin C and oleic acid combines to help protect and beautify the hair. It nourishes everything from the ends of your hair to your scalp, assisting in moisture retention while restoring the health of the hair, due to its impressive list of antioxidants and maringa extract.) Many other curly hair products contain heavy oils that build up on your hair, making it dull and hard to wash out.  We make sure that we use ingredients that provide maximum shine and definition without the use of oils and silicones. T Both these gels keep your curls in shape while protecting it from humidity & environmental stresses. With just the right amount of hold these products will leave your curls with the perfect bounce!

3. Designed To Last!

We understand that washing curly hair every day is a no-no.  So we design our products to be reactivated with water.  Using a water bottle, simply mist water into hair on day 2, 3, 4, AND 5, for awesome redefining of curls!  Curly hairstyles will last for days and your hair will stay healthy and protected!

LOVE Big Hair Volumizing Spray: Formulated with rice protein, ivy & root extract that pulps the cuticle giving extra lift. This volumizing spray will amp up the volume with its light-weight and humidity resistant built in formula.

4. Our No Frizz Formulas.

Curly girls know that humidity can be one of our worst frizz-enhancing enemies…until now!  We no longer want to stay away from the beach, the pool, or the rain.  All our Curly Hair  products are 100% effective in all weather conditions and in humid environments.

Heavenly Hydration/Hair Mask : A conditioning mask enriched with the best hydrating properties such as Shea butter and Argan Oil. After 3 minutes your hair will detangle, this mask repairs moisturizes, softens, smooths & adds shine. 

5. We want you to embrace & love  your curls. It starts with the right curly cut.

 We are so confidant that our products  are the best for all curly types and textures. But, a good cut is essential to get your curls to behave the way you dreamed they could. Our curly cut technique is unprecedented & perfected on all hair types. We know that most hair salon do not know how to cut curly hair, so we are offering all first time clients 20% off their first hair cut with Jessica Scott, The Curly Hair Master (#curlwhisper).  Jessica not only has perfected her skill, she LOVES what she does and LOVES all types & textures of CURLS.  She cuts, shapes, moisturizes & styles each curly head (gals & guys) and then spends the time with each client to educate them on how best to care for their curly locks between visits (check out her client reviews on Yelp & StyleSeat!) You will also receive a FREE hair product (recommended by Jessica, The Curly Hair Master) after your first visit.

White Curly Locks - Classic Curl by Jessica Scott

Cut & Style by Jessica Scott using Madonna & Co Curly Hair Products!

Cut & Style by Jessica Scott using Madonna & Co Curly Hair Products!

Dark Tight Curls with Shine!

Cut & Style by Jessica Scott using Madonna & Co Curly Hair Products!

Call for your appointment:

20% off your first hair cut + FREE product

202 East 60th Street

NYC NY 10022


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