Spring 2015

We are all looking forward to saying good-bye to the cold winter months and seeing what we will be wearing for spring 2015.  The trends are abundant and a new color palatte has emerged. We are excited that our timeless, style- focused aesthetics is right on trend. With a few exceptional on-trend pieces we can all have an updated look this coming season.

Let’s start with FRINGE..yes, we loved the suede fringe bags this past fall and now it is no longer just a handbag trend. A statement fringe item will update your look and make you feel great moving and shaking!We are all looking forward to saying good-bye to the cold and seeing what we will be wearing for spring 2015.  The trends ar

Our favorite is the lamb leather dress and cami’s…



Androgynous tailoring, sophisitcated, chic and modern.

A leather trim knit blazer and wide leg pants, never has this look been more polished.

Leather/Knit Blazer & Wide Leg Flowy Pants
Leather/Knit Blazer & Wide Leg Flowy Pants

Asymmetrical HEMS…

Sex-Appeal takes on a whole new shape for spring 2015, in the guise of the unapologetically sensual asymmetrical hemline.

Asymmetrical Silk Hem
Asymmetrical Silk Hem

Sultry Transparency.

Worn all over, and barely shielded by a pattern, sultry transparancy becomes spring 2015’s answer to blending timeless sophistication with the art of suggestion.

Sheer & Sensual Skirt
Sheer & Sensual Skirt

THE SWEATER DUSTER…From soft pointelle stitches to timeless tweed, the sweater for spring 2015 is long, lean and luscious!

Pointelle Sweater Duster
Pointelle Sweater Duster
Tweed Sweater Duster
Tweed Sweater Duster

A STATEMENT JACKET…We all fell in love with the Gelarah Statement Outerwear for fall/winter. We are even more obsessed over the spring line. One of our favorites is the stagger hi-lo leather trim jacket, wear with your favorite skinny jeans or the matching pants.

HI-LO Statement JAcket
HI-LO Statement JAcket

The Color for 2015 was recently announced as MARSALA…a red, red WINE. It makes for an elegant grounded statement color, worn alone or mixed with WHITE & BLACK.

Red, Red, Wine...MARSALA-2015 Color of the Year
Red, Red, Wine…MARSALA-2015 Color of the Year

We have in all colors and textures AND will be giving one pair away FREE with any purchase now through Valentine’s Day!


Love IT, Style IT..Make it your Own Personal Style!

& Stay Tuned for Part 2… How to wear Cullotes (yes, they’re back and looking chic!) NEW SECOND SKIN TEE’S, HEAVENLY WHITE LACE & more….

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