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Posted on September 19, 2014 by samanthaclysdale

Hello Everyone,

Today blog post is to introduce Madonna & Co new blog but I will take some time to talk about the brand as well.

Lets start off with the blog first. The blog features 3 different sections : Shoppers, Fashion and of course beauty.

Shoppers is a feature where Madonna & Co features 3 shoppers that shop at their store in Soho, NYC. I think its a great idea. Its a chance to make every shopper feel special or like a movie star.

Fashion is to keep up to date with certain trends and launch parties at Madonna & Co.

Beauty is to keep up with new beauty trend and I see that Madonna & Co is launching their lipstick line tomorrow on the Sept. 15. I am looking forward to it.

You can find the blog here: Madonna & Co Blog

Now on to the brand. Madonna & Co is a Aunt and Niece team that design fashion and make up for their brand Madonna & Co.
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They go by the names GM and CM. I am pretty sure the aunt is Gm and the niece is CM but I could be wrong.

At a off topic thing I really love the lip color they are wearing.

Madonna & Co are currently selling clothing and accessories. Clothing size ranges from small to large. I am going to post a few of the items that really caught my eye from this brand and the links below the picture on where to find them.

Prices for items from this store range for 50 dollars and up. Just to warn you before I start posting my top 3 faves.
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First fave. is this textured cuff bracelet that cost 48 dollars. It also comes in gold color but I find that silver color goes with everything.
Large Black Stone Ring
Next item I love is this large stone ring that goes for 45 dollars. I don’t what is about this ring that I love but I am pretty sure its the black stone.
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 3.19.12 PM
Last fave. items is this black dress with the white lace detail. It makes a simple summer black dress and amps it up by adding this cute white lace at the bottom. The dress is 150 dollars.

I wonder which one of my faves. will I buy and which ones of these do you think I should buy? Leave your comments down below telling me which of my faves you think I should add to my collection.

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