Before & After – The Miracle of A Great Curly Hair Stylist & Great Product!

May 27, 2016 | Posted by in Beauty | 0 comments

Those of us with curly hair could really write a book on what we have done over the years to straighten, stengthen, flatten and at times just try to make our curls manageable to see the outside world!

HUMIDITY is our ENEMY…yes, we LOVE the beach but how to control the locks? And some of us live in humid cities, ¬†how to control?

It starts with the right cut and then it’s all about the right products.

We Love our seeing the before & afters…it happens every day…all day. So many woman (and Men) come to see us and say they tried a million products and so many expensive salons and still don’t love their locks. WE LOVE a Challenge. We have the best stylists in the world and the best products. We will GAURANTEE you will LOVe your Curls after a visit with us.

Want to share another before and after…Meet Jennifer before…


AND Jennifer AFTER…LOVING her CURLY GOLDEN BOUNCY LOCKS (and it’s humid in NYC today…no issue…our Miracle Hair Gel holds this gorgeous curl even in the heat of summer!!)


Embrace Your Curls!


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