Miracle Curl Gel Review
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Ladies often remark that my hair is gorgeous. One woman on the uptown 6 train She asked me how I maintain my hair by saying “What products do you use?” As a curly hair gal, I usually use a minimum of three hair products in my hair: some type of hair oil, John Frieda hair Curling Primer, a styling creme either by Arrojo or John Freida and a regular hair gel.

I recently used the Madonna & Co Gel in place of my regular hair creme. I noticed that my hair bounced, stayed put without the extra weight and was frizz free. I found that I used a smaller amount of gel that day. My curls looked beautiful and lasted longer than usual.

I work in the Upper East Side as a demonstrator. I got off the train. I was excited when I walked by the Madonna and Co. boutique on East 60th Street. I asked the hairstylist if this was the same store that sent me a sample size of their miracle curl gel. She said yes and I was excited because I use and love this product. She touched my hair and took several photo to show the other creator how good my hair looked. It took them two years to develop this amazing product. I can attest to this since I had curls with bounce and definition.
I stopped by again last Sunday to get a picture by the sign. Unfortunately, the chic clerk was busy. I took some nice photos and added them to my instagram. Yesterday, I refreshed my curls by putting some regular gel with the Madonna Gel.
The gel itself smells wonderful, is non-sticky and has a nice consistency. I really love this product and would recommend for curly hair of all textures whether it’s kinky, wavy or tight curls. I would buy this product after I am done with my sample. I am going to stop by the boutique buy a nice top and purchase the full sized curl gel.

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