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I recently discovered Madonna & Co online store. This isn’t your ordinary online clothing store. This is a luxury fashion store! All the clothes and accessories are meant to be worn by someone who creates fashion, not who follows it, by someone who stands out of the crowd and someone with a unique taste in style. You don’t have to worry about seeing someone walking down the street with the exact thing on like shopping at H&M. This store has one of a kind fashion that will make you stand out in a crowd.
Madonna & Co (M & C) says, “You’re entering a world where fashion isn’t copied, it’s created. Where luxury is about being one of a kind, not how much you spend. Where you’ll discover exclusive designs, vintage pieces, and exciting mixes of fabrics. Everything is easy to wear, yet sophisticated, feminine, but, inspired by the art of edgy fashion details. Our customer is an independent woman, not a woman of independent means. She stands out in her own style, rather than following the fashion pack. And wherever she lives, she has a New York state of mind.”

M&C sells the Eda Lourdes Collection and Marolli Collection along side their own M& C collection. Along with beautiful handbags and jewelry Madonna & Co carries nothing but statement pieces. Madonna & Co carries a little something for everyone. If Vintage is your thing look no further as M&C carries vintage clothing in their SoHo Boutique. If beauty is your thing they have their own makeup line. If you like to just gaze at art they even exhibit and sell a variety of artist paintings in the shop. How cool is that? So NYC!

Lastly one of the great things is Madonna & Co has a blog on their site where they style their customers who come from all walks of life and all ages and then ask them about their style and why they like Madonna & Co. Because so many of their customers love the way they look in their clothes they want to be featured on the Madonna & Co blog. If you’re ever in New York City I suggest you head to Soho, so you can check out all Madonna & Co has to offer, like giving woman the freedom and advice to help them create and continue to enhance their individual style point of view.

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