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Fashionistas…it’s time we stop using the words fashion and style interchangeably. For starters, let’s not forget what an all-time favorite of ours, Yves Saint Laurent, once said… “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” This, ladies, is something we should all live by.

As you all know, better than anyone else, fashion is in constant flux. One season everyone is wearing prints on everything…next season no one would be caught dead in them… Fashion is dependent on trends and current designers, whereas your style is dependent on YOU. In the past couple of decades, we have been emerging to a new viewpoint about fashion in general and individual style in particular. It is no longer about name brands and it is now about Your Individual Style Point of View. Whatever your age, income, or size…it’s all about YOU and the height of luxury is personalization. Owning name brands is no longer powerful in any way …it’s all about an individual curated style. 


Your style comes out on days where you’re not trying. Someone with true inner style is someone who can manage to make any outfit look like it was styled by a celebrity stylist. It goes beyond just clothes. Style is about how you express yourself, and how you make any outfit totally and completely yours. Our Individual Style is something we carry with us all the time and always feels right on our bodies. You may be a tailored pant or skinny jean gal or (as I am) a knit dress fanatic. I don’t feel comfortable in tight jeans. On the other hand, I LOVE knit dressing and feel ultra comfortable wearing dresses all year long.


Someone stylish can still be a fashionista, wear high-end couture and follow trends, but the bottom line is these don’t shape her and her tastes. She maintains her own clear and refined tastes, molding any outfit to fit her in the best way possible. When developing a personal style, it’s helpful to remember that you already have one. Personal style is equal parts taste and function, and you’ve surely developed taste over time. Ask yourself, “what do I like about this and why?’ Do I feel gorgeous, sexy? ” At Madonna and Co., the goal is for every fashionista to find clothes that she feels incredible in and then transform them into her own personal look, doing it all in great style. Our versatile clothes will give way to tons of interpretations. Becoming the building blocks of one’s personal style. Madonna and Co.’s collections emphasize a sophisticated, chic and a fashion forward style …looking great yet always allowing your true style to shine through.


Need any help in identifying your Individual Personal Style? Let us know.

Our Passion is making you feel Gorgeous, …AND Comfortable! 



Where True Luxury Means Being One-Of-A-Kind!




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