Fashionistas don’t follow. They lead.
And they lead because they have the power to do so.
But power in fashion is not about the ability to drop dollars and pick stylists. It’s about affording the luxury of being absolutely YOU. It’s about letting your clothes mirror that. It’s about expressing yourself. And falling in love with your reflection before you step out.
And with new experiences every day, new thoughts and new loves . . .
. . . you’re going to love finding new ways to do this.

Tips on how to find your Signature Style

Defining Your Signature Style  You’d be surprised by how empowering, painless and confidence building it is to unlock your true style potential. Today many woman of all ages feel they can’t “dress-up” because their friends…

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Luxe & Leather FW18

  Say hello to this Fall’s Leather Trend at Madonna & Co.   Luxe & Leather is a collection of the finest leather pieces as unique as the woman who…

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