Defining Your Signature Style 

You’d be surprised by how empowering, painless and confidence building it is to unlock your true style potential. Today many woman of all ages feel they can’t “dress-up” because their friends don’t and if they get out of their sweats or jeans people ask them “why are you so dressed-up”?  But, defining your personal style doesn’t mean you have to dress up in dresses and heels everyday.

 I believe that all women can define their personal style with clothes, accessories and make-up & have fun doing it.  And you do not have to be a fashion maven to create your own personal style. You just need to identify it and stick to it.

Repetition is Reputation

 For me, its red lipstick and knit dressing. I don’t feel comfortable in sweats and baggy jeans and tees. But, I must be comfortable. A seamless second skin top works for me whether dressy or casual depending on what I pair with it.  So the point I am trying to make is that not everyone is cut from the same mold and some woman (I think most) can feel comfortable and define their personal style by trusting their instincts and not following the pack.

How do we do this?

 Well, again what makes you feel the best? And if you say sweats or jeans then go for it!  But make it yours… I love the look of skinny jeans in the fall with a tee and a chic black leather moto. If that is your style …wear it, love it and carry it out to all aspects of your life.  It will become your brand.  I have a niece who LOVES leather jackets and boots …yes she wears studded booties even in the summer!   It has become her signature style. On her wedding day, all dolled up in her white dress she brought one of her favorite leather jackets so the photographer could take some pics of her in her bridal gown and the leather moto.  That’s’ what I call making it your signature style. 

Now For 5 Easy Steps in Creating your Style Point of View!

    1)Identify One Signature Item

           Is it Make-up, Jewelry or Apparel and remember:  Repetition is reputation.

           Here are some ideas from our store to get you started…

     2)  Be Inspired by Someone You Admire.

             Go through images on your instagram (or Pinterest or Magazines) and get inspired by other women & their style. What feels good to you? What are the similarities in these photos that you can see? What is drawing you to that style? Create a style mood board!


 3) Look In Your Closet & See What You Already Have 

            What are your favorite items that tend to be your go – to pieces? Keep them together and write down what they all have in common?  Take photos of yourself when you feel you are having a great style day.

      4) Ignore Trend

             Defining your STYLE is not following the trends.

        The goal is to create your personal style, not to become a slave to trends.

       5) Trust Your Instincts

           No one knows you better than you. Sure, your friends might not like that you are now in their eyes “dressing up” but when they see your style evolving it may inspire them to be more like you! Learn to trust your gut. If you like something, wear it. After all, defining your signature style is all about you & having fun doing it. And you never know–soon you may be the one inspiring others!

And now for the last point:  

Good Personal Style is for ALL ages and ALL body-types.

     Personal style is for everyone and it’s about knowing what looks good on you and feeling confident about it.  It means knowing how to create a flattering outfit & defining that signature item that reflects you truly; your personality, your lifestyle, and your dreams for yourself.  Take a look at your daily routine and what’s in your closet.  Does it reflect your desires, your taste, your aspirations?

Still need help defining your individual style? Stop by the store or give us a …this is what we love to do – Make Woman Feel Good About Themselves!  

The phrase after our logo sums it up perfectly: 

     Where True Luxury Means Being One-Of-A-Kind!

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