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Recently covered by Glamour magazine and the talk around the beauty salons is the new color technique worn on Actresses Jessica Alba and Rosie Hunington-Whitley. hair trendThe new “it” color looked to be Ombr√© but Ooh No…look again..it’s a new multi tonal look and is said to brighten ones complexion and gives your locks a glossy to die for glow. Created by London based color specialist R Jo Hanford it’s called “Ecaille” in french means Tortoisshell Mmmm how fun.. In other words, goodbye to the days of graduated tints from light to dark (Ombre) Which is yes quite the opposite of what is being done when transforming the dark ends to light. Fun Fact: In Europe this is known as an old three – handed card game popular in the 17th centuries. So I ask you all; is it time to try this Oooh so hot trend which was seen in every magazine and runway show of 2014 which gives versatility and low maintenance and doesn’t sacrifice your personal style.

Jessica Scott
Beauty editor

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