Eda Lourdes Designer Event at Madonna & Co

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From a high-powered career in finance to a fabulous & innovative designer! Eda lights up any room she is in and has more energy then a team of athletes. She is a passionate, driven and talented woman who loves creating styles that are classic & feminine and have a sophisticated and modern edge.

As we know, the world is small and you never know how or who will open your next door. I met Eda when she was a Duke University Student and I was a guest speaker. She was intrigued by the speech (on reinventing a brand) and she never forgot her love for fashion and design as she climbed the ladder in financial banking. A few months ago a mutual friend re-introduced us and it was instant chemistry. We both share the same aesthetics and philosophy of fashion….timeless, detailed and unique pieces that a woman of any age can wear today and cherish for many seasons to come. And I also love her three favorite homes.. New York, Paris and San Juan!

We had the Eda Lourdes Launch party at our boutique in Soho last week. What an event….Eda’s following is growing rapidly…family & friends (from NYC, Paris and PR!) supported her as new customers were introduced to her amazing fall 2014 line. From retro chic to modern and feminine, the looks inspire a mix of classic elegance and progressive styles. Think 30’s and 40’s and then mix that with urban 2014. Real art & beauty and affordable for all!

Here are some of our favorite pics from the event!

Enjoy and come visit us to see the full collection in person at Madonna & Co in Soho and if out of town.. see the edited collection online at madonnaandco.com.

Eda Lourdes, The Designer
Eda Lourdes

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