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Lets start the hair beauty introduction not just with me, Jessica, the hairstylist to all things “curls” but also introducing curls and the many different types we are surrounded by each day.

I get asked a lot of questions about hair but probably the most frequent one is how my clients can style their hair the same way I style it.
The first is to give some background on the different textures..I am going to start with the CURLY GIRLS!
Textured hair has special care and styling needs based on its unique curl patterns.

We have Wavy Curls: Tussled beachy waves rocked by Victoria Secret Runway Model Candice Swanepoel.
image 2

Classic: SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) showcases her flawless curls constantly and yes we loveeeee them.
image 5

Tight curls: GM, Owner of Madonna&Co boutique. Low maintenance if styled correctly. High maintenance if she lets those tight curls frizz.
photo 3

Kinky: Singer Songwriter and producer (Solange) has tried a few different looks & we appreciate that but we just can’t get enough of her all things natural, she looks fresh fun and sassy.

Coils: Lupita Nyong’o graces us with her effortless beauty, always kept wondering what’s next with her gorgeous coils as she leaves us speechless with her fashion choices.
th 2

And not to complicate anything..BUT, most curly head gals have a few of the above textures on their ONE head!

As beauty continues to transform us… take a walk with us as we journey with all things curls & beauty from understanding how to style each section of these different curl personalities to choosing the perfect products and knowing that sleeping with your curls up loosely with Bob pins or scrunchies can give you a longer lasting style.

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Beauty editor
Jessica Scott
@Curlwhisper Instagram

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