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So many of my clients ask me what my favorite products are and how to use them. I spend the time to carefully educate them that not all curls are equal.. what works for Classic, Tight or Wavy sometimes will not always work for Loose, Kinky or Coiled. Understanding your curl pattern, health and texture will help guide you through the abundance of different products out there. But, I do have a few of my favorites that my clients and I LOVE and they work with most curly hair types.

Shampoo/Cleansers–my two favorites
Curl Description: Classic/Tight/Kinky/Coiled
Ouidad Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil... Sulfate-free • Paraben-free
How Often: Once to twice a week
Product: Moroccan-oil Moisture Repair... This product is Sulfate, phosphate and paraben-free, Permanent color-safe
How Often: Twice or three times a week…


Curl Description: Wavy/Loose
Product: Moroccan-oil hydrating conditioner .
HOW TO USE: Wet hair apply a quarter size on ends first use a wide tooth comb & saturate the product rinse with cool water.
HOW OFTEN: As often as you prefer truly depending on how active you are.
KEY For thicker hair be sure to section hair into four to five quadrants and apply product throughout each section as well as comb throughout to fully detangle.

Curl Description: Classic/Tight/Wavy/Loose
for flawless frizz free curls be sure to get Ouidad Climate Control Gel but don’t just scrunch it in take the time before leaving the shower and remove excess water so hair is damp. Apply a quarter size on ends first then a dime size throughout. Use a wide tooth comb and start at the ends, combing product throughout to fully saturate. From side to side lightly scrunch up & down then air dry or diffuse.

Finishers & Refreshers:
Curl Description:
Product: It’s a ten10 Miracle leave in.
How to use: Spray on and lightly smooth with flat palms on hair.
How often: Everyday
leave in conditioner

Treatments- Two Favorites:
Curl Types: Tight / Kinky
Ouidad “Melt down Mask” WON the 2013 award for the best hydrating mask from Allure. It’s self heating.
A deeply hydrating treatment that supplies tons of moisture and repairs dry heat damaged hair as well as color treated hair.
HOW TO USE: Apply on cleansed damp hair combing from ends throughout to saturate. Leave 10-15 minutes cover with shower cap, rinse with cool water to seal in moisture.
How often: Once a week in the summer & four to five times a month the rest of the year.
Top ingredients:
Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba seed oil.


Moroccan-oil Restorative mask
Curl Types: All hair types
This hair treatment is great for all hair types it completely repairs as its formula rebuilds lost protein. It absorbs throughout the cuticle instantly to fill gaps & prevent your curls from dehydration. Infuses protein back into the weakened hair shaft.

How to use: Apply on cleansed damp hair from ends throughout. Leave on 5-7 minutes no heat is needed, just rinse with cool water to seal cuticles.
This mask is highly reparative to the internal structure of the hair and should be sealed in afterward with a conditioner.
How Often: Once a week and then less frequently once your hair’s health & strength returns.
Top ingredients: Organ Oil, Omega 3 oils and antioxidants.

Experiment, style, and LOVE your curls! Hope you enjoyed and let us know your favorites…

Jessica Scott
Beauty editor


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