Hair Trend: Textured Pony-Tails

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I like to refer to this amazing look as the “I Woke Up Like This…Flawless Look!”…a fab hair trend just in time for the Holidays. As mentioned earlier, Fall thru winter is the time of year to enjoy a fab blowout while softly gliding your fingers through your soft silky mane. Then after a day or two we all want more… Well beauty divas say no more, currently trending is all things fab with The Textured Pony.

How To: Be sure to use a soft bristle brush to give a polish slick look then secure the hair tie leaving ends out with the messy look. Textured mid-strands should be achieved by using the (Ouidad sea salt spray) or the (Bumble & Bumble sea spray) lightly scrunch with fingers. Also try a few medium size braids on mid-strands of hair then dry to achieve the textured look. But let’s not forget to hide the hair-tie before stepping out, so take about an inch of hair from mid-strands & secure hair around with tiny bob pins. For the disobedient front sections be sure to use a soft brush or old tooth brush & an alcohol free hair spray. The less work the more perfect this “I WOKE UP LOOKING LIKE THIS” can be achieved. So have fun… style it, love it and make it your own look!
textured pony tails

Jessica Scott
Beauty editor


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