Introducing Our New Outerwear Obsession…

Sep 26, 2014 | Posted by in Fashion | 0 comments

We found an AMAZING new artistic designer and cannot wait to share with you. We will have these items and many more available in our Soho store by the end of October. You know when you find something that’s so special and so perfect that you get a rush of excitment. Well it’s happened to us with this line of outerwear that is timeless, beyond chic and each a Show Stopper!

This line pushes beyond the conventional confines of fashion with pure imagination & art. It’s all about mixed textures playing against the backdrop of unexpected silhouettes. The pieces are cut close to the body, but take unexpected turns to extend shape via raised lapels, cloak like hoods, asymmetrical hems and peplums.

Handcrafted with the love of ART & FASHION..100% CHIC!
outerwear designer
outerwear designer

outerwear designer

< Enjoy the Beauty & we will be sure to post the rest of the collection as we get more pieces in store..Let us know your favorite.... Own IT..Style IT...LOVE IT...

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