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We all have seen the fashions and heard the “Met Gala” loves of the Chinese romanced inspired red carpet. As a hair designer I loved Amal Clooney’s soft curls with a half center part, Jenelle Monae’s long wondabraid, Katie Perry’s fun short pixie and Kyle Jenner’s simple center part… all time favorite had to be the sleek, sexy & fierce high pony from the queen B herself Beyonc√©. Beyonc√© showed off her her flesh tone in a Givenchy intricate jeweled encrusted gown.. a true show stopper.

And now how to achieve this fab high sleek pony:
Before you begin be sure to get a great haircut. (If ends are two blunt you won’t achieve the best look.)

What You will Need:
Hair brush
Hair spray/ (Flexible hold Quidad)
Wide tooth comb
Curling iron
Hair tie (matching your hair color)

How to do on Long to Medium length hair:
Straight loose Wavy hair:
Hair should be two days without shampoo/conditioner. This will allow your pony to look it’s best.
-De-tangle dry hair with wide tooth comb from ends throughout & begin to brush smoothing hair down preparing for a pony.
Position between the crown of your head (Lightly smooth over hair) (Brushing also helps natural oils to saturate) leaving your hair with a nice natural shine.
-After brushing hair secure hair tie creating your pony in place.
-Take from under neath a few strands to secure around & hide the hair tie (if tie is different color than your hair). Spray & brush hair in place.
-Separate mid-strands into 2 sections. If hair is thicker separate into four & curl each section. Hair spray the curled sections and take wide tooth comb & comb or finger to go through giving that effortless soft curl look.

Curly Hair:
Most curly gals do not need a curling iron as curls are naturally there.
-Hair should be sprayed with leave in conditioner & flexible hairspray. Then using a soft brush…
-Brush hair in place. secure with hair tie.
-Use a tiny section from the bottom of your pony to wrap hair around to hide the hair tie.
-Once again spray leave in hydrating conditioner on ends & lightly smooth into hair.

Have Fun and send us some pics!


Jessica Scott
Beauty editor


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