“Just Curly” Review of Our Miracle Curly Hair Gel

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Review: Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel

Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel
 I have finally tested a new product (I tend to get a bit lazy testing new products when the ones I already have are doing a good job) 🙂 For the past few weeks I have tested a new hair gel: the Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel. In this post I would like to share my review.

I started to try the Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel on a really rainy day, which is why I applied quite a lot of it to my curls. Due to the high humidity, I didn’t have too high hopes with regards to the frizz control of this new hair gel. But as it turned out, it did a really good job fighting frizz that day:

Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel

What I like about the Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel

Since then I have continuously used the Miracle Hair Gel and every time I have applied it to my curls, they turned out great:

  • they were shiny
  • with almost no frizz (even when it was really rainy and humid outside),
  • formed nice clumps,
  • and still had a lot of volume

Basically my hair was just the way I like my curls to look! This is why I am a bit sad, that my bottle is almost finished by now…



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