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Madonna & Co: Vegan Leather Ponte Leggings

Hey guys! Today I bring you a fashion post! Well, it’s got a little beauty in it. Madonna & Co is clothing and accessories boutique located in SOHO New York. They have a fabulous online shop that has some of the latest fashion trends! For this post, they sent me gorgeous Vegan Leather Ponte Leggings and a shiny lip gloss that’s absolutely wonderful!

I first want to talk about their logo. It’s clean, cute, and to the point. Their vision is to bring you “..a world where fashion isn’t copied, it’s created. Where luxury is about being one of a kind, not how much you spend. Where you’ll discover exclusive designs, vintage pieces, and exciting mixes of fabrics. Everything is easy to wear, yet sophisticated, feminine, but, inspired by the art of edgy fashion details.”

I think the samples I was sent really brings this idea to life. Let’s take a look at my products! I was really excited to receive the leggings, however, I wish they had asked my size before sending the pants. They sent me a size large…this kinda made it a bit bunchy in spots, but I could definitely make it work for the post today. I also got this amazing lip gloss. In March/April, Madonna & Co is going to start offering new apparel, accessories, designers and beauty products for their customers.
Madonna and Co Samples
This lip gloss has no scent and is pretty sheer but nice and shimmery. I love that it has a brush applicator, not a doe-foot one. It makes application practically flawless. It’s a bit thick but it does stay on for quite a while. Obviously since it’s a gloss, you’ll have to reapply after eating/drinking, but I can live with that. This will be a gloss that I’ll wear often. I can’t wait to see what other beauty products they’ll have to offer!
Madonna and Co Vegan Leather Ponte Leggings 3

Madonna and Co Vegan Leather Ponte Leggings 1
Okay folks, let’s move on to the pants, shall we? Since they were way too big for me, they don’t look like leggings, which is what they’re supposed to be. This is my first pair of leather pants but what makes them special is that they are VEGAN leather pants! The front of the leggings are vegan leather and the back is a stretch poly knit. I like that because it still allows you to move around in them. Not like that episode of Friends when Ross wears his pair of leather pants. They zip up like pants and also have a clasp at the top of the zipper.
I decided to pair it with my pink, black, and white corset top and my polka dot platform pumps. I think those are the only edgy clothes I own but they went perfectly with these Ponte Leggings. They are comfortable [but would be better in my size]. Let me show you what other items I’d pair with this outfit from their site!

So, in keeping with the edgy theme, I’d LOVE to add the Twill Motorcycle Jacket along with this. Obviously this was meant to be paired with the leggings because look at what the model is wearing! Onto accessories!
I don’t wear statement jewelry often but I do like very simple pieces when I do decide to throw on a necklace. The Leather Link Necklace is the perfect accessory to finish off this look.
Leather Link Necklace
So what do you think? I am really impressed with my pants and the lip gloss! If you are interested in getting anything from their site, Madonna & Co is offering my readers a 15% discount for the month of March! Just enter code bb-march at checkout! Simple right? Let me know what your favorite piece is from their site!

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