Knowing When To Trim Your Ends

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Let’s focus on letting go of the dead ends….

For years curly clients have asked how much is two much when it comes to getting a cut? After reading this article I hope you will be fearless & be sure to consult with a stylist & say bye bye to dead ends & welcome to healthy hair.

Concentrating solely with curls for the past few years I’ve had the privilege to see how each of these different types of curls respond to trims. Understanding these curl patterns and their textures & density has given me a better way of approaching curls & informing my clients on the proper maintenance.

WAVY to LOOSE textures can get away with being more aggressive in the cut because it shows more length as it grows out loosing the shape. Depending on the specific individuals growth patterns cutting more often may be a plus.

TIGHT to KINKY Curls & Coils should be cut/trimmed three to four times a year welcoming new healthy growth. During the growth process it is key that curly girls stay away from excessive heat. Blow-drying curls breaks & straighten the cuticle bed leaving you with straight ends and curly roots forcing you to transition from heat damage for another two to three years.

Please Note:

While your embracing your curls make sure to do a hydrating protein mask one or two times a month. After shampooing & condition apply the mask from ends and comb throughout, then cover with a shower cap. Be sure to use low heat from a blowdryer or a warm towel for 15-20 minutes for better product penetration. Rinse with cool water and style as usual.

Fun Fact:
Be sure to diffuse your curls with low heat or natural dry.

SAY Good-Bye to Dry Ends!
Say Good Bye To Dry Ends
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Beauty Editor
Jessica Scott


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