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September 4, 2014
Luxury Is Treating Yourself

Luxury is not about having a lot of money and spending it on things that make life easier for you. It’s the pleasure you receive from something or someone that makes you feel peaceful. It’s essentially a treat for yourself because it’s not a need but it satisfies a need.

Luxury things for me consist of exercising yoga, writing poetry, eating one of my homemade cakes and of course, shopping for luxurious clothing. I’d love to be able to afford Alaia, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel and many other designers but I find luxury in pieces that reflect my style regardless of quality and brand. Madonna & Co. agrees with me, as they believe true luxury means being one-of-a-kind..

Although most designers are placed in the category of “luxury brand” because of their price points, a brand should be considered luxury because of its quality. Their pieces should ideally fit perfectly on the body. The fabric should either have strong functionality or provide a sensual feeling to the touch. Most importantly, the pieces should last nearly a lifetime. This is luxury fashion.
You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on any garment but this garment should satisfy your needs in so many ways. You’ll feel confident every time you wear it, the delicate fabrics will soothe your soul and you will look and feel beautiful.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life because we deserve more. We work hard and should be rewarded for it. If we are not treated as such by others, then we should take the initiative to treat ourselves to luxury. There’s nothing like positive reinforcement to give us a boost in life. We are all capable of living a luxurious life, we just have to realize that luxury is obtainable no matter how much money we have.

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