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Bring New York Fashion to You

This weekend I attended Kansas City Fashion week. I’m excited to go through the photos I took and share my favorite designs with you! But first, I wanted to share with you a little fashion from the city of fashion, New York City.

While I don’t typically blog about fashion, if you follow me on Instagram you may see the occasional “outfit of the day” photo. I don’t consider myself a fashionista, but I do think that I am fairly fashionable. Much like the store I’m featuring today, my style is unique and my own.
Madonna and Co. is an NYC based clothing store that offers timeless, unique pieces for all ages. Their brand is almost me to a T. I also can’t wait to add this little black dress to my wardrobe. it has a fun cutout in the back that I just love!

“Our customer is an independent woman, not a woman of independent means. She stands out in her own style, rather than following the fashion pack. And wherever she lives, she has a New York state of mind.”
I also love this knit pencil skirt. A lot of their clothing can be worn in the office or just day to day. Their are also some great dresses for more formal events.

During March and April, Madonna and Co. is going to be launching new apparel, jewelry and even a beauty line. Both of the pieces I posted above are under $100, and Madonna and Co. is offering readers 15% off during the month of March with code bb-march so you can snag either one for an even better price!

How would you style either of these pieces?

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