LOVE, LACE AND LOUBOUTINS’ Review– Madonna & Co’s Miracle Hair Gel

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June 6, 2016
Disclaimer: Today’s post is not for the faint hearted! I’m in no way responsible for what may happen after reading this post😛

Confused much? Read on to know more!:) Today, I’m going to review a product by Madonna & Co, a hair gel for curly hair! Wondering how it is even remotely close, to my straight hair? Well, It is not really a big deal, I’m one with those curly, frizz prone hair. Although, by the looks of it, most people can identify that my hair has been either chemically treated or I’ve straightened it. So, yes, and yes! It has been chemically treated, and since, my naturally curly tresses started growing back, I straighten it twice/thrice a week! Tired already? Just imagine my plight! Growing up with the untameable, frizzy hair, was a mess for me! I couldn’t style it the way I wanted to, like most girls out there. I had really thick locks, and the only way I could tame it was with oil, and braid! It was so hard for me to get ready, as it consumed so much time. I could never leave my hair open, and feel good about it. Forget about feeling good, since, my hair was frizz prone, I couldn’t afford to. It would’ve only made it worse for me. It felt like I was cursed, who wouldn’t feel that way?! I’m sure all my curly-haired lovelies would agree with me! This was way back though, maybe when I was 17!

So one day, my dad, who was visiting Dubai, brought back with him a gift for me! Any guesses on what that could be? Oh yes! It was a hair styler!!😀 My joy had no bounds, I felt like that was the greatest gift of my life. It was indeed because, It was going to wash away all my problems. So, that’s actually when I started using heat to my hair! I thought it would put an end to all the struggles in life with curly hair but, the sufferings had just begun. I was too ignorant on how much damage heat could cause to my hair. I had almost fried my hair, and took some effort to salvage it. Later, after consulting a lot of hair stylists, I was suggested chemical treatment/keratin treatment to bring my hair back to life. I was told that one time chemical treatment is better than daily dose of heat. It made total sense to me, and there I was burning a hole in my pocket to get my hair done. I was overjoyed after seeing the result, my hair was healthy, smooth, straight, and it looked like everything I dreamed of. I have got my hair treated at least 4 times in the last couple of years, and trust me I am not too proud of it. It takes patience, and a lot of effort in keeping them gorgeous! Well, I try! All my close friends who knew about this almost begged me to stop ruining my hair further.

Curly Hair Gel Review

So, thats my story! Now after all these years I’ve started to realise that, curly hair is my identity, and it is who I am! And, I’m losing my identity trying to look like someone else. Yeah, I can hear someone saying, “Happy realisation”, or it might be the voices in my head! I’m just so tired of spending hours in front of the mirror trying to straighten them but, it is just impossible to let them loose. This is when I realised, I needed right products to keep them intact. If I’m trying so hard to keep them straight, how hard is it for me to leave them natural? I’ve finally reached a point where I’m ready to embrace my curls! I’m just waiting for them to grow back completely before I start revealing the new look!

Curly Hair Gel


I was approached by the Brand Manager of Madonna & Co to try this product, and share my review on the blog. Initially I was a little hesitant as I was going to reveal my natural hair type but, then I gathered all the courage to tell you all who I really am, and it feels good USAGE: Coming to the product, this product is like any hair serum, it smells great! The texture is not as thick as a gel. I applied this as indicated, on wet hair, and used plop technique to dry my hair using a t-shirt. As normal towels would strip your hair of moisture, and makes it look dull, and lifeless. Usually, I straighten after this step but since, I wanted to try the effectiveness of the gel so, I let it stay the way it was. RESULT: I couldn’t stop touching my hair, it felt so soft, and retains moisture as opposed to being crunchy. To me that’s a very good sign of any curl enhancing product. My curls were intact, and the best part NO FRIZZ!! It didn’t completely stop making my hair frizzy but, anything was an improvement. It was a huge deal for me, and it gave me that much needed motivation to accept my curls, and stay natural. I will definitely try this product, and I recommend this to all those who are facing similar problems, and would like to put an end to their sufferings😀

Currently you can stop at their boutique in NYC to buy their product if you’re from NYC, or if you’re around. They’re located at 202 East 60th street in the heart of mid-town. Or you can also shop online here. They offer a variety of hair treatments and they work with all types & textures, with a specialty in Curly Hair! You can also stop by for all your makeup needs including makeup lessons and trials. They also provide off-site makeup & hair services and can help you plan the perfect party or host all kinds of events in our luxurious boutique, including bridal/baby showers, fashion product launches, etc. But, do not worry, this product is going to be easily available as, they’re soon going to launch this it nationwide. I hope you liked today’s story, thumbs up if you do:)

Signing off, I will be back soon with exciting new posts!! Until then ♥

Much love,

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