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TitleThursday, December 5, 2013

Madonna & Co at the Heart of Fashion
“Fashion changes but style endures” is a quote I live by. I truly believe that true style will stand the test of time and ever-changing trends. As you know I love fashion, I like to be bold, unique, feminine, edgy and classic all at the same time. But it’s so hard to find designers and clothing that are truly unique now-a-days. It’s seems like a lot of places you shop, the clothing tends to have the same look, but true fashion isn’t copied, it’s created. So when I find a clothing line that is truly unique and bold, I just want to share it. At Madonna & Co, they’re determined to put the thrill back into shopping and want to bring you something new and different. Because they know we’re all tired of seeing the same old looks.
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Madonna & Co. is a fashion company unlike many others, they’re located in the fashion capital of the United States. That’s right you guessed it, in NYC. So you know that you’ll find great designs that are sure to wow you. Being at the center of fashion, they believe that every woman should feel and look luxurious. Because luxury is about being one of a kind and not about how much you spend. They have a mix of vintage looks (which happen to be my favorite) with a more modern feel. All their collections are inspired by the art of edgy fashion details, but that doesn’t mean they’re too crazy and out there. On the contrary everything they design is easy to wear, feminine and sophisticated.
This brand was truly designed with me in mind (at least that’s how I feel), I like to stand out from the pack. I’ve always wanted to be the one setting the trends and not following them, I’ve never been a follower or conformist, especially when it came to my wardrobe, and I don’t plan on instilling that in my daughter either. I’ve always taught her that she was born to stand out and be a leader and I think every woman should feel empowered to rise above the pack. I don’t think that you need to spend tons of money on clothing (although it is nice if you have the means), I believe that any outfit can be fabulous as long as you have the right amount of attitude and confidence to go along with it. At M&C it’s about the independent woman not about the woman with independent means. If you want to be your own person, have your own style and look fabulous, then M&C is the place for you. That’s what I like about them, they believe in the same things I do. They want woman to feel confident and independent and how could you not love a company that want to empower you to look better. Madonna and Co Pearl & Plymouth lace dress

I really love the Fall collections that M&C has right now, there’s a little bit of lace, knits, some leather and a fabulous vintage feel. Madonna & Co wants you to look and feel fabulous this season so they’re offering all my readers 15% off on your purchase when using promo code blog2. Is that great or what? Of course if your in NYC or the SOHO area you have to check them out, what better way to get a taste of true New York fashion than to stop by their boutique which is conveniently located at, 284 Lafayette Street (between Prince and Houston) SOHO-NYC. Go pay them a visit, I know you’ll love the fashion they have in store for you.
If you want to get a sneak peak of what Madonna & Co has to offer than simply check out their website or connect with the on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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