Meet Chris from Canada shopping with her fashionista friends and falling in the love with the seamless perfection of our second skin tees!
Chris is petite and despite the evolution of fashion, it seems petite woman still face a challenge when it comes to finding clothes. However, with some research and experimentation, Chris has found ways that flatter her shape.

Chris’s Tips:

Clothes have to FIT you right! She avoids wide-legged pants and goes for tapered or slightly flared that give an illusion of height, like these coated jeans that flatter and enhance her assets. She also likes MONOCHROMATIC outfits that really help lengthen her appearance. And she knows how to ACCESSORIES..a dropped waist belt adds length to her torso.

Chris created an all-around Chic outfit for woman of any shape and size and certainly one that flatters her!
Enjoy Chris & see you again soon!

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