Stunning Braids & How To Get The Look!

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Last post we touched on curly textures and today ..what’s trending for fall 2014. One of my personal FAVORITES…BRAIDS…. still going strong and all hair types can have them.

Braids have arrived from the waterfall to a twisted braid from last year Chanel’s pre-fall show in Scotland, which has left me as a hairstylist who continues to build on dreamy images of hair bewitched by hair’s capabilities. Braids have evolved from the simple plait or cornrow to the all around wispy textured fishtail braid. Braids lost its rhythm for just seconds on the fashion clock & has slowly tick tacked its way back to our hearts. Below I have attached one of my favorite looks. A fun pic and idea to try, so be sure to have some fun!

*Take three small sections of hair & begin interlocking (braiding) to the side leaving out random pieces for texture. Pin & tuck away braid as well as taking small sections of hair & pinning some & lightly twisting others then pinning them up.

If you have a favorite braid and want to know how to make it happen for you, just e-mail us and I will be sure to give you the professional secret!

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