Summer Hair Cuts 2015: The Most Flattering Styles By Face Shape

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Embracing your natural hair is what it’s all about. So changing it up every now & then keeps it fun & trendy. Medium, short and shoulder length bobs are the new hair trend this summer season. But, not all gals feel they can pull off this look. Well fear not because whether you have a pear shape, oval or square face…. you can do it..rocking a new style you’ve always wanted is what it’s all about.

As a hairstylist I have had a lot of clients share with me that they have hesitated in the past when it came to change. As we all know change is a big deal. But after taking it slowly and encouraging them on making that choice & taking that leap …. they have all been pleased & have tried so many more fun styles.

Remember everyones hair grows back.  And hair should be your best accessory! 

Heart Shape:
Victoria Beckham has rocked the most trendy bob for the past few years. And it’s still one of the most sought after hairstyles of 2015


Pear Shape:
Megan Fox looks electric rocking this short tousled bob which showcases her outstanding blue eyes.

Bob Cut

Pear Shape with a longer pixie edge:

Bob Cut

Dare to try One of these four short fab looks:

Bob Cuts

Experience the change & your hair will thank you!!!


Jessica Scott
Beauty editor


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