The Iconic White Shirt

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It made its first public appearance at the Salon in Paris, worn by a queen in a portrait: Marie Antoinette .In the 19th century it was embellished by bouffant details, and by the end of the century it became a symbol of wealth, since it was worn by those who didn’t work, so they couldn’t stain its whiteness.

In fashion.

One of the first ground-breaking moments was in the Twenties. Coco Chanel turned the world of fashion (ruled by corsets) upside down: thanks to her, women started wearing pants, loose white shirt and cardigans, an extremely contemporary outfit.

In the Forties it became a trend thanks to the stars of Hollywood: in 1938 Katharine Hepburn wore it in Holiday; Ava Gardner wore a short-sleeved model with wide shorts and lipstick, followed by Lauren Bacall in Key Largo in 1948: white shirt and ice-cold look.

In the Fifties it took Audrey Hepburn to make the shirt with rolled sleeves and lifted collar iconic: she was a princess hanging around with Gregory Peck.
And it continues to be a fashion iconic piece through the decades, remember Patti Smith and Twiggy’s must haves in the 60’s, Julie Robert’s in Pretty Woman in the 90’s to today’s… Katie Holmes and Jennifer Anniston’s favorite white shirts each showing their individual style.
To conclude, there’s nothing like a white shirt to show the character of the one who wears it.
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