The Perfect LipGloss

Jul 22, 2014 | Posted by in Beauty | 0 comments

There is something about an ultra shiny lip that makes for a sumptuous, attractive and alluring effect. One way to add the shiny lip without a lot of color is with lipgloss. It’s another layer of polish that adds to a well groomed – glam look. (It also makes your lips look fuller without any injections!)
But many glosses have drawbacks. For example, the texture of many lip glosses feels awful, which is why I always did without and only wore lipstick. It can also be a recipe for disaster when you have long loose hair and it’s windy out!
So, we put our years of research and testing together and created the perfect lipgloss that isn’t sticky and has hidden benefits! We love this product so much and know you will too. So for a limited time we will give you a FREE lip gloss with any purchase in store or online. Hopefully, you will get hooked on the summer colors and then come back and see the scrumptious fall ones in development along with a cream based lipstick. (All coming in August for pre-fall!)


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