By Jessica Scott,  The Curly Hair Master

Hello all you Gorgeous Curly Hair Gals! I want to share with you my…Curly Hair Summer Guide.


I have been a stylist for numerous years and have a passion, love and specialty in Curls! I know that NOT one curl is the same and on every curly head there are often more than one texture or curl type.  I also know that ALL curly hair girls have a lot in common.

The TOP 3 Similarities Are:

  • You HATE Frizz! I see soooooo many curly heads a day and they all check the box “I DO NOT Want Frizz”. Well, I get it. But, some frizz is OK because it adds volume BUT it must be hydrated so it is NOT frizz to your eye.

  • “I don’t want to CUT my hair because it will shrink.” That’s the 2nd box you all check! Yes, Curly hair seems to take FOREVER to grow. But, that is just because depending on your curl pattern the curls are often very tight & or course with high density so at shoulder length your curls will expand instead of elongate. Understanding that in time it will pass that length and quite possibly grow to the length you’ve been eagerly awaiting. It just takes a little tender loving care and some time!

  • “My hair feels so dry in the summer.”   Yes, as soon as the temperatures rise and the humidity comes in our curly heads are thirsty. We need to hydrate!


The Curly Hair Master’s Guide to a Frizz Free Summer

OK, I am Not a psychiatrist nor a magician BUT, I do LOVE chatting with you Glam Gals about how you feel about your locks, and how we can work together to give you the CURLY HAIR of your dreams!

1) The Perfect Cut

OK, brace yourself!  IT does start with the perfect cut! This of course does not mean a big chop. It truly isn’t for everyone. I find that baby steps, removing an inch or two every two to three months is better for most curly hair textures. My technique works on all curl types and will only enhance your natural curl pattern.

2) Styling 

Always leave a pea size of conditioner in your damp hair before styling. Then apply your styling gel. Take a quarter size amount in the palm of  your hand and evenly distribute throughout your hair. It is best to take sub-sections that are about 2 inches and apply to each. Then gently scrunch sections of your hair from bottom up, alternating from side to side to encourage curl consistency.   Remove any excess water & or product with damp (microfiber towel) from the bottom to mid shafts then air-dry and or diffuse.




3) Hydrate

To maintain your fab curls, hydrating needs to be your curl’s best friends. Each day apply a pea size amount to mid shaft or use a spray bottle with condition/oils & water. Add a drop of Miracle Hair Gel to any frizz you see and the curl will just bounce back to perfection.


 A head of curls like this with this bounce, shine and movement is all within your reach!

Just follow my 3 simple steps and use the best gel on the market

Madonna & Co’s, Miracle Hair Gel.

Curly Hair Gel


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