The truth is, “edgy” has more than one definition. And most importantly it exists on a spectrum that is completely relative to the person navigating it. (e.g. I bet “edgy” meant something very different to Coco as it does to Lady Gaga!)

To us, having edgy style means thinking ahead of the curve and wearing styles that are unique BUT wearable. Those with edge don’t follow trends; they sometimes even set them. Most importantly, they wear what they love with confidence.

The point is “edgy” doesn’t have to be “weird” or “outrageous” but again, what is weird or outrageous to one may not be to another. The important thing to remember in fashion & beauty is that to have “edge” is to get outside your comfort zone with confidence and have fun.

It’s not a “One Size Fits All” style in fashion, hair & beauty. Vamp lips may be edgy to some and an everyday look for others.

Wear something because it makes you happy and be inspired by our edginess in action! Here are a few of our “celebs” our customers who all said the style they were wearing is “Edgy, Chic AND Wearable”!

Can’t get much  better than that!

Let us know your thoughts on what “edgy” means to you!

edgy style edgy styleDove Grey Asym Knit


AND an all time Favorite of ours is FEMININE & EDGY (Yes ..that is Caila Quinn wearing a feminine dress with “edgy”cut-outs!) Be edgy but define it for yourself..AND don’t ever forget your a woman…. a little feminine “edge” can look & feel really good!

celebrity spotting

celebrity spotting





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