Embrace Your Unique Beauty:

As I applied color to one of my clients we started a great conversation on the most recent topic of accepting ones unique beauty. Whether it’s our style sense¬†in clothing¬†or the way we wear our hair, we love when woman embrace their true beauty. But, most of us wish we had straight hair when we have curly and vice versa. As we continued to discuss this I ¬†realized how powerful the words were “Embracing Ones Self.” I noticed in an instance what we pay to much attention to things that have no true value to uplift, excite & challenge each other’s sense of style & personalities. We all have our own beauty and we are seeing and appreciating it more. It can be someone’s hair whether it’s straight, curly or kinky coils. As we evolve may we accept the many differences that continues to make us unique. Below are a few of my favorite hairstyles and as I search these fab pics I noticed a few things; the smiles on each of their faces & the fab hair everyone has which makes them shine in there own way. Let’s continue on this path in finding “Our Own Beautiful.”


What's Your beautiful

What's Your Beautiful

What's Your Beautiful


What's Your Beautiful

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