The tempatures are dropping. Are you looking for a new coat this season? Embrace a Fur Vest instead.  If you are looking for something to provide greater versatility to your entire wardrobe…..start with a FUR VEST.

Incorporate Fur into Your Wardrobe
If you are looking for a trendy way to incorporate fur into your wardrobe, real or faux fur vests are the best option. Add style and warmth by wearing a fur vest. These vests are an amazing option to provide a sense of incredible style, whether you are wearing casual clothing, going to work or to a black tie. The options are virtually limitless when you add a touch of fur.

Add Some Color with Fur Vests
This season fur vests are coming in a variety of colors so you can find the one that best suits your sense of style. One of the latest trends is to go with a shot of color. For instance, if you are wearing black jeans with a one of our second skin amazing black tops, adding a COLORFUL fur vest can be the perfect complement. Stand out in the crowd and add long leather gloves!

Perfect with Jeans or a Leather Leggings
Today’s trends allow fashionistas to pair their fur vests with more than just jeans or a skirt. While wearing it with jeans can be edgy and cool, you can also top off your rib knit dress with a fun fur and add a belt and you are beyond ready for that perfect event or just an everyday chic outfit!


mongolian lambAdd a BELT and A FUR

Go from Day to Night and Back
With the versatility of fur fashions like the fur vest, you can easily go from day to night and back again. Pair your fur vests with pants and your favorite top to help keep you warm, despite the cold temperatures. When it’s time to dress up for a night out on the town, your fur vest can easily provide the warmth and fashion you need to look your best.

Red Dress w/ Fur Vest

Versatile Outerwear
Most people think of wearing fur vests only outside because they provide incredible warmth. While this is the most common reason people choose furs, fur vests can provide the ability to wear your furs inside and outside. Sometimes you want the look of fur with without overheating. Cropped Fur Vests are the ideal option.

Cropped fur

An Investment of a Lifetime
Most people see their furs as an investment that is meant to last a lifetime. Fur vests are a great investment you can make because they are so versatile and can provide you with years of wear. You won’t be limited to only wearing one on the absolute coldest days or with certain outfits. These vests can be worn most days in fall, winter and spring.

Mongolian Long Vest

There are many types of fur coats that provide a number of benefits, including warmth and a fashionable look. Fur vests are an incredible option. When you are looking for something you can wear inside and out with a versatility you can’t find with other fur fashions, a fur vest can be the right choice. You can add this fur vest to just about any outfit to add that touch of flare your fashion persona demands.

We’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

Here are some fun furs from our favorite Icons…ever wished you lived in the 30’s to be able to look like this? Well, now you can do that and have the versatility to own your modern personal style at the same time!




Replicate the Runway!


If you are looking for a great selection of beautiful fur vests, hats, gloves, and coats at great prices come shop with us.

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